Scandanavian God

In front of the lens of a camera he was masculinity redefined. A Scandinavian God put upon this planet amongst mortals for us to appreciate. A big powerful man with flowing blond hair and blue eyes to match. His muscles rippled and pulsed with his every movement. While the camera captured his beauty, he was Chris Hemsworth, the almighty Thor, master of thunder. Back in his home he was a caring and loving father. It was between the sheets, that he was mine.

Everyday this God of a man had the obligations of any world-class actor. People wanting and needing his attention constantly surrounded him. Men and women on a daily basis masturbated over him just thinking about his physique, his deep voice, his walk, the shape of his cock, if he shaved his pubic area or not. All this only because he was a God and there was hardly anyone that thought otherwise.

I dearly recall him in one of his last movie recordings, as he played the lead role of a rebel protagonist, alongside a stunning co-star with dark long hair and a body to die for. It was the nude scenes that secured the box office hit for that film I have no doubt. All I was to him was his very eager attendant. Whatever his wish was, he would get it delivered in good time. Everything from a glass of juice to tickets to the theater, which he loved to attend. If he wanted somewhere to insert his thick cock into, I would gladly oblige and spread my legs as he rammed me hard from behind until he burst inside of me and all over my backside while growling like a beast.

We had a secret relationship and I lived to please him with his every request. Nobody else knew about us. I too was married with children, had a good salary and lacked little in life except for the rush that this Chris gave me. I would readily offer him my body and soul.

He loved to play fight with me and play power games. He would control my arms and hands as he locked them behind my back and had his way with me. I was powerless in his grip.

Our first time as I recall, was when after a long days work, he asked me to accompany him back to his movie trailer for an end of the day drink. It all began so innocently but soon the energy in the air crackled between us as he finally grabbed my face with both his hands and gave me the most passionate kiss I have ever received from anyone. It was tender yet full of drive and purpose as he gently tuck on my hair. I was at first overwhelmed by the sudden kiss and I felt my body collapse with every second that passed as he kissed me further.

My knees soon gave in under me and soon I was on the floor with Chris on top of me. He was ceaseless with his onslaught as he overpowered me. I could not but help feeling a rush of excitement yet trepidation at first before loosing all reservations and started to kiss him back. God he tasted good. I began to then suck on his tongue like I was giving him oral sex. This excited him to no ends.

He soon removed his shirt to reveal his glorious body and started to remove my skirt. I was already wet when he went down on me and as his tongue flicked over my clitoris I reached near maddening ecstasy in a matter of seconds. I felt my body shutter and shake. Wow. Never before had I ever been given such amazing oral work. He was good. Very good. He made me his that night.

He did however leave me begging for more as he paused to completely take off the rest of his clothing. What a site he was. I was beside myself and in awe at how beautiful this man was. He sparred the niceties as he tore my top of my body, completely reveling my breasts with their perky and asking nipples ready to be savored. He gladly obliged as he sucked on them at first softly, then with intensity that left my head spiraling. He played a little more with my breasts before his hands started to wonder down again where he started to gently finger me and then with a gentle movement, he parted my legs and introduced his manhood to me. While holding onto my one breast he slowly entered me. At first I did not believe I would accommodate all of him because of the sheer size of his cock but I was surprised when he expertly slid into me filling me up. It was heavenly bliss.

I felt a surge of confidence as I fought for position and managed to push him off me as I mounted him from the top. I proceeded to kiss him deeply before starting the rhythmic movement of my groin against his as I felt him coming in and out. A few minutes later as our tempo increased it was the orgasm I always wanted. I could not help but scream out of joy. I was since then addicted to him.

Debora James

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