Miss Dutch

With two quick knocks on the door you are pulled out of your daze. A sigh cannot be helped.

“Yes, come in.”

I do as I am told and cat walk my in. I am wearing a white and green plaid skirt that is perhaps a little too short and a plain white button up blouse that barely hides the red lacy bra beneath. Your eyes are locked onto me as you stay standing in front of your huge desk. I cannot help feel a rush of excitement as I anticipate what is going to happen next.

“You wanted to see me Mr. Big?” I growl softly.

With your hands firmly planted on the desk you seem unsure as to why I am here or what to reply back to me. I see your eyes gage me as they look over my slim body and then linger on my skirt trying to guess what is beneath.

I let you visually savor me a little while longer. “Mr. Big?” I inquire again with a smile. My voice startles you, but barely. Maybe I should try for a less sexy tone of voice to get better results I think to myself.

“That is correct Miss Dutch. I have been over your class grades and they very poor. If you don’t pick up your game, you likely to repeat another year.” You say trying to compose yourself.

“Oh Mr. Big, believe me I have been trying very hard.” I say emphasizing the last word.

With forced effort, you swallow a large lump that has formed in your throat. “It is simply not hard enough Miss Dutch. You going to have to pass with flying colors to make the average grade.” I take a step towards you and find my thighs touching the hard wood of your desk. “Is there something else I could do to make it less hard to pass.”

“Miss Dutch. I would be careful if I were you. Are you suggesting what I am thinking?” You tell me. I let out a naughty smile and deliberately brush my hair back with both hands as I retain my eyes locked on yours. “Am not sure Mr. Big. Maybe I am.”

The only thoughts going through your head are to spread my legs and take me from behind. You slowly make your way to the front door and lock it while studying me for any misunderstanding. However there are no misunderstandings as you turn to notice me leaning against your desk with legs slightly parted. “Give me an A grade on my next paper and nobody will know anything.” I say unbuttoning the very first button. You seem to like what you see and slowly approach me. Although you know this is a bad idea you cannot help yourself. The allure is much to strong as you reach out to my thighs and let your hand glide up and down feeling the soft exposed skin. I make the effort and shift my body closer to you. With your one leg touching mine you gently push aside my knee and notice the delicate panties I am wearing. It all feels so unreal. You are unable to hold back anymore. With a swift move you grab my waist and move me close to you. Our crotches are now pressed against each other. I feel your erection hard against me and it’s electrifying.

“How bad do you want this?” You say with a touch of aggression.

“I need it.” I exhale in desperation.

Your hands are quick to unbutton my shirt and to promptly expose my ripe breasts. In no time at all you feeling me off and pinching my nipples. I wince a squeal in ecstatic pleasure pain. Your one hand expertly works itself down and gently fingers me through the fabric of my panties before you gently push them aside. I am already wet before your finger enters me.

I roll my head back in sweet surrender.

“Holy fuck.” I gasp.

You are quick to put a hand over my mouth. You do not need me moaning in your office. A few seconds later after playing with me you take out your cock and ready yourself to enter me. I wait in anticipation. At first you simply brush your head against my opening savoring my eagerness. Then with a single slow motion you enter me.

“Oh my God.” I whisper this time as I throw my head back.

You waist no time attacking my now exposed neck, kissing me all over ferociously. You now begin thrusting yourself deeper into me. With your hands firmly gripping my hips, you start to find your pace.

“Oh fuck me harder Mr. Big.” I beg calling out your name. You love to hear your name called out in this way.

“How bad do you want to cum?” You ask as you grasp onto a fistful of hair making me look your way.

“I badly want to cum Mr. Big.”

With satisfied look on your face, you start playing with my clit. It is only a matter of seconds and I am melting with your every move now wishing it to never stop.

“Do you not want to also cum?” I wonder aloud.

“Believe me, I will cum.” You assure me. “Now get on your knees.”

With a look of gluttony, I slowly lick my lips and do as I was told with my breasts pouring out of my blouse still heaving out of breath. You are not shy about your intentions as you thrust your cock into my mouth.

I gladly oblige and proceed to massage your manhood with my tongue. With every swirl and every suck I feel you grow weak at the knees and soon I will have complete power over you.

I let my hands massage your balls while I increase my tempo and start a steady lunge. You start to spasm and I feel the inevitable release building. With a shutter and some deep head thrusts controlled by your powerful hands, you cum inside my mouth.

The cum is hot and savory to the taste. It is more than I anticipated and I almost choke. I however continue massaging the head of your penis before I release you. You are finished in every sense and cannot help yourself from collapsing into a chair.

“How are my grades now?” I cheekily inquire.

Debora James

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