Follow Sara Sea through her changes from a young desirable and innocent lady to when she blossoms into a striking dominant force to not be reckoned with.
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" Hot. Oh so very very hot
Great story with an unusual sexy twist leaving you drooling over every page.


This is the first of two books about Sara and her transformation from an innocent and ambitious woman to finding her sensual nature upon meeting her first two loves. Franco and Jayden. Both are downright gorgeous men but also seemingly out of reach. That is until the three of them share a very hot lunch together. Now she is torn between who she is most attracted to. It may not matter as they both disappear out of her life. But fate has other ideas as their paths again cross, but not before she has some other treacherous sensual adventures. Now with the taste of bitterness of all the wrongs she has endured, she is no longer that innocent girl of a few years back and is now hell-bent on revenge. Will, she fulfill her vendetta or go after her two first loves? She may need to lose to win something much bigger.
This is an adult read so be warned that it is going to get steamy.

"Every page MADE ME FEEL ALIVE."

"I could easily associate with Sara and how I too was innocent and through the trials and tribulations of this bitter sweet life, how I discovered the beauty of my womanhood. Sexy and raunchy reading not for the faint of heart. 5 STAR READ"

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Sea Hardt lives in a cottage on the stunning island of Cyprus surrounded by the mediterranean waters. The gods have been kind to Sea and have graced her with a happy marriage complete with two boys. She has a plethora of interests including foraging second-hand bookshops for poetry and any other books she can curl up on the couch with a glass of red wine. With the support of her husband, she finds great fulfillment in writing steamy romance novels.

steamy books


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